Friday, January 16, 2015

A Dog Has Not Yet Died (response to "A Dog Has Died" by Pablo Neruda -

A Dog Has Not Yet Died (Oct. 2014)

My dog has not yet died
But that does not mean that she never will
It means that most likely “she won’t be dyin’ anytime soon”
But that is not a sure fact
She’s constantly busting out of the house
While my ipod makes sounds
Tearing across the street
As my heart pounds
Hunting cats and squirrels in driveways and backyards
As I call her name
And then when we catch her
She just wags her butt like it’s all a game
As I slowly catch my breath
And the thought of imminent death for my dog who just almost died instantly disappears
As my dog licks my face filling me full of her love and licking clean my fears

My dog has not yet died
My beloved dog who we do everything for
Who we love
My dog is still alive

No dog could ever replace my pretty, little, golden dog Poet who has not yet died
I named her Poet for the way she brings words like these to my mind
I love her
Like any boy should
And I know that she loves me too

How many days do I have left with my extremely lovable dog Poet who has not yet died
This is a question that I probably will never get the answer to
I never want to
I never need to
Because even if she does die
Her spirit will still live on in my heart
She will snuggle up
And she will give me all her love
Her presence will stay with me forever
For this Reason I will never have to bury my beloved dog Poet who has not yet died
I will not burn her for the ashes
I will not have a memorial
I will have nature do the honors
But she has not yet died
I do not have a dog who has died
I have a dog who is still alive

I love my dog who has not yet died
I love it when she slobbers love on my face

I can’t possibly explain my love for my beautiful dog Poet snuggled up in her bed
And having the knowledge that she is not yet dead

Her story isn’t finished
Since her lifespan has not yet diminished

I love her
She loves me
I love my beloved golden dog poet who has not yet died

That’s what matters most
I love my dog

That is everything

That is all

My Dog Ate It (May, 2014)

My Dog Ate It

I want to say that “My dog ate it”
But that would be to lie
Because I wrote this poem on “Google Drive”
Where in less than five seconds all of my changes will be saved
And even if my dog ate my computer
I still couldn’t
“My dog ate it”
Cuz all my changes have been saved
On “Google Drive”

I could say that my mom accidentally deleted all of my work
But that would be untrue
Cuz what happens in the cloud
Stays in the cloud

Cuz I wrote this poem on “Google Drive”

When my parents were still kids
There was no such thing as a macbook pro
My dads TV got thrown out before he was ten
And then
There was no such thing as a macbook pro
So back then he could say
“My dog ate it”

I wish I could say
“My dog ate it”
But that would be untrue
For one
She didn’t
And two

I wrote this poem on “Google Drive”

I wish I could say
“My dog ate it”
But that would be to lie
Cuz I wrote this poem on “Google Drive”

If I said that lightning struck my house and that wretched cloud
And my papers all burned
Which I note
“Would be to lie”
But the cloud is metaphorical
And so is the fire
And even so
I wrote this poem on “Google Drive”
Where every five seconds
My work gets saved
And even if I used
Hand grenades

My work still got saved
On “Google Drive”

So as you can see
There’s no way
That I could say
“My dog ate it”

Cuz that would be to lie

Cuz I wrote this poem

On “Google Drive”

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The World is Awesome - As heard on KCRW Good Food!

The World Is Awesome
by Jobim Zeichner, age 11 (Jan 2014)

The world is awesome
The world is awesome
The world is in fact
An awesome place to be
Cuz ya see
The world is awesome

What I mean is
It certainly beats floating around
From place to place
In outer space
No air

It’s got bonus features
You choose

And plays
I perform
You clap
When I was younger
I could watch sitting in a lap
Every once in a while
There’s that
One day
Where you get to see
A beautiful
And a wonderful

It’s got
And licks
And bites
Nights with cuddles
A kiss
A lick
And a hiss

My dog licks me every morning
Every night
Every day after school
And then
As I’m falling to sleep
She snuggles up right next to my arm
And gives me at least three licks on my cheek

My cat says hello at most once a week
Which I take as a compliment
I know some cats that won’t even acknowledge
The presence of a human being
I think that’s pretty cool
Do you?

I like
I mean think games are fun
To play
On a board
A field
A fifty-inch flat screen TV
Cuz ya see
I think
The world is an awesome place to be
Don’ know ‘bout you
But I think
The world is awesome

There are ups
And there are downs
And sometimes in-betweens

Maybe I won’t get to go golfing
On my B-day
But that’s okay
Because I have kinect golf

And most likely I’ll get to go to
East Coast Bagel
Or at least
Native Foods
Chocolate bagels
Vegan (M)eats

I love
Sinking my teeth in to
Freshly cooked

Have you ever tried vegan meat?
While I can assure you
You are in for
One hell of a ride
The minute you sink your teeth into
An all vegan
Chicken run ranch burger
Your mind will blow
The flavor that you can get in a vegan burger
So good
A twister wrap will do the same
And so will a classic deli Ruben

A twister tastes like a
Ripe from the oven

A Classic Deli Ruben
Tastes like
Meatless meatiness

I love food
I hope that this sounds as delicious as it tastes
I love it

I like many things
I like this world

Now ya see
That the world
Really is
Place to be

Now ya see
The world
Really is