Sunday, April 7, 2013



I don't have any ideas,
My brain is filled with junk!
I don't have any ideas,
I got hypnotized,
By a skunk!

The odor was overly strong,
I couldn't have lasted long,
But I'm still here,
after all, I was here all along!

I've been here ever since that awful skunk
put me to sleep with an awfully smelly and loud song!

Now I realize that the skunk, the one that hypnotized me with his awful junk,
was on my team all along,
By hypnotizing me with his awful junk (that awful hypnotist, awful skunk)
with the awful junk, to fuel my mind, to make this poem that smells like something you'd find...

In a dumpster filled with trash, a smelly, icky, yucky mash,
that smells like gravy and some wine
and something that is the exact opposite
of fine.

Age 10 November 2012

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