Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Crazy Summer Break Pt.1

My Crazy Summer Break Pt.1

            I can’t believe how much has happened to me in the first 5 weeks of summer break!
            Before school even let out on June 11, I was having a great time.  I had read a poem I wrote as a response to one of my favorite poems, Shane Koyzan’s To This Day.  I called my poem Ignored.  After I wrote the poem, I showed it to my teacher who thought I should share it with my class.  After I read it to the class, I had a great rest of the day with compliments from my friends and even people who I almost never even hung out with (even from some of the girls!).    
            The next day, when our school had our end of the year beach day celebration, which was more than enough to be excited about, I continued to get compliments about my poem from other students and adults that had seen a copy of the poem.
            And to top it off, on the evening of June 11, I went to my favorite spoken word event, Downbeat 720, where I performed my poem for the third time.  The community at Downbeat (mainly high school students) is so great, they all cheered.   A few weeks earlier, when I was at Downbeat 720, another poem I read prompted a hug from one of the high-school girls in the audience.   (Note: she also read a poem that night that I liked).  Here’s a picture of me with the Downbeat community, right after I read Ignored that night (that’s me in the green “Poet” shirt). 
Downbeat 720 June 11, 2013
            It was really great to have my poem so appreciated by all these people because bullying is such a big problem in schools and one that has affected me on a personal level for a long time. 
            All in all, June 11 was a GREAT end to the school year. 
            Summer break started out great too!  On June 12th  and 13th ,  I went to Fitness by the Sea, a really fun beach camp. 
            Unfortunately, after camp on June 13, I went to the doctor and found out my summer fun would be interrupted due to some medical procedures involving brain surgery (on June 15).  This meant that my family’s annual trip to our land in Hawaii had to be canceled (we made other vacation plans but more about that later).
            I’m happy to say, the surgery and my recovery went very well.  I think the amazing support I got from my friends and family had a lot to do with how fast and well I recovered!  So fast in fact, that on Summer Solstice, June 21, I went on a 2-mile hike with my friends Adam and Logan (and their dogs) and our parents.   I did great!  6 days after brain surgery!  
Temescal Canyon Solstice Hike June 21, 2013
Adam, Logan, and me, before the hike
            The other good news is that while I was in the hospital, I got a visit from a therapy dog named Cigfa and when my parents saw how loving I was with the dog (and the pressure they got from friends and family after they emailed a video of me with the dog), they decided that they would finally start seriously thinking about getting me a dog after I’ve been begging for at least 8 years, since I was 3!

            During the week after I came home from the hospital,  I started Physical Therapy to work on getting my balance back .  I also hung out with my friends, Adam, Logan, Liam, Morgan, Jimmy and Ryan.
Liam, Adam, and me at the California Science Center
My favorite Lao Tse quote
The next week I got to go on two Mastery Quest Academy field trips with Kojo Obeng, MQ founder and sensei.  MQ is a great game designed to improve kids athletic, social-emotional and cognitive skills, Here’s a link to the MQ Academy website.   The first fieldtrip was to the California Science Center, with my friends Adam and Liam.  It was really great.  My favorite thing there was the big wall with inspirational quotes, especially the one by Lao Tse: “Life on its way returns into a mist, its quickness is its quietness again.”
    The second field trip was to the Griffith Park Observatory with Adam and Kojo’s grown up nephew, JaVeon.   My favorite part of the Observatory was this big swinging ball that knocked over dominoes as it went, one domino each ten minutes.  They had enough dominoes for the whole day.   I got two really cool things at the gift shop using a “get well” gift card I got from my “Auntie” Giovanna I got a gyroscope and a perpetual motion pendulum.

Me and my parents at home on July 2.
            On the morning of July 4, I went to the Santa Monica Independence Day parade and joined the parade with my friends from school and our school float.             
It was my first year ever joining in the parade!!!

Later that afternoon we went to a family friend’s BBQ – they have a pool and a ping pong table so I swam and played ping pong!

On July 5, my parents and I went on a week long stay at a resort in Oxnard, an hour away from home.   It was really fun.  I spent a lot of time at the pool and Jacuzzi, playing ping-pong with kids I met at the resort.   My papa and I also used the treadmill and stationary bike in the fitness room.  My parents and I did a lot of walking on the beach and around the harbor there.  One afternoon we walked 4 miles!  There was a great restaurant called Italian Job, we ate there twice, once with my friend Liam and his family.  We had we had a really good margarita pizza there!

Papa and me on Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, CA
Mom and me at Channel Islands Harbor
Jacuzzi at Mandalay Embassy Suites in Oxnard, CA
On July 12, we left the hotel and headed home.  As we were driving, my papa said we were going to stop in Topanga to see my friend Liam and his family.  When we got to Topanga, he said we were going to their friend’s house to see Liam.  When we got to the house, I got out and knocked on the door and a woman opened the door and a cute cuddly puppy came out from behind her wearing a bow! At first I thought she was for me (because of the bow) but when I asked I was told she just wanted to look pretty. But then my mom asked me “do you think that’s really why she’s wearing that bow?” and that was when I realized… that puppy was for me!  And that’s just how it happened.  One moment I was a kid who wanted a dog, but didn’t have one.  The next moment I was a kid who had a dog and I was falling in love!  Here she is:
Me and my new puppy, right when I first got her....
...and here she is with her newly minted name tag - "Poet"
Poet with the whole world in her paws
Later, I found out she was rescued as she was about to be dropped off at a shelter.  For the last week, she’s been cuddling me and I love it.  She’s so warm and whenever I sit next to her she’ll lick me.  Whenever I lie next to her, she’ll lick me.  Every day I have someone who I can play with.  I couldn’t really do that with my cat.  The best thing about having a dog is that you know that you’ve got a friend for life!

So, I’m doing great right now and I just want to thank everybody for how kind you all have been.  Thank you and hope to see you soon!





  1. So proud of you Jobim!! You are amazing.

  2. We know a young man named Jobim
    Who is an artist supreme!
    He creates pictures that glow
    And writes poems like a pro
    To us he's a joyous sunbeam

    Jobim you're a love and everyone knows it
    Including that sweet puppy you named Poet
    We wish you sincere
    An incredible year
    Jobim you're a star and you show it!

    Love you Jobim,
    Colleen and Stuart

  3. It's a match made in heaven - Jobim & Poet :)
    May joy reign supreme in your gladdened household.
    I'm so happy for you and your new 'little sister', Jobim!
    With love,

  4. poet is and forever will be my "man's BFF."

  5. What a marvelous blog post! You brought your summer alive for all of us. Thank you for sharing. Your positive energy is absolutely infectious!

  6. Jobim, Poet is absolutely the cutest, and you are pretty good-looking yourself! Poet will be a lifelong friend.

    So glad to hear about your speedy recovery. Your bravery is an inspiration to all who know you.

  7. That's one lucky dog... I can't wait to meet her. And you.

  8. Jobim, You bring joy to my heart, open my mind, and refresh my soul. I love your writings and your poem “Ignored” is your activism to bring us into the conversation about bullying and to reveal the cowardice behind it and the deep scars it leaves. I am equally moved by your quotation of Lao Tse,: “Life on its way returns into a mist, its quickness is its quietness again.” You truly have the soul of a poet. I treasure our friendship and I look forward to all that you will share with me in the years to come. Take good care of yourself. All love, Giovanna

  9. Jobim, I love you in all your depth and moods and how you take life as it returns into a mist... not ours to control at all times, but to be lived... to be lived fully.



  10. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts. I appreciate it.
    things are great! I'll post again soon.