Sunday, January 26, 2014

no name necessary

Do you know
What it’s like to come home to a happy face
To wake up

Get dressed
Brush your teeth
Still happy
Go to school early
So you can play on the black top
So you can hit concrete
So you can understand what it’s like to be
Uncared for

But you get back up
And your are immediately told
What an a-hole you are
How much you suck
How little you matter
How little you are
How little you amount to
How little you mean
Just how I was told how little I mattered

At first I believed them
I felt pain too
I have been thrown
I’ve had that pit
Stuck in my throat
keeping me
From my last breath
From my last word

And that would be the end

But today,
I choose not to hear.
After all,
To listen
Is A Choice

1 comment:

  1. this is a new response to shane's poem.
    i wrote it for get lit.