Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The World Is Awesome

The World Is Awesome
The world is awesome
The world is awesome
The world is in fact
An awesome place to be
Cuz ya see
The world is awesome
What I mean is
It certainly beats floating around
From place to place
In outer space
No air
It’s got bonus features
And plays
And days where you get to see
And sunset

It’s got dogs
And licks
And bites
Nights with cuddles
A kiss
A lick
And a hiss

My dog licks me every morning
Every night
Every day after school
And then
As I’m falling to sleep
She snuggles up right next to my arm
And gives me at least three licks on my cheek

My cat says hello at least once a week
Which I take as a compliment
I know some cats that won’t even acknowledge the presence of a human being
I think that’s pretty cool
Do you?

I like
I mean I think games are fun
To play
On a board
A field
A fifty-inch flat screen TV
Cuz ya see
I think
The world is an awesome place to be
Don’ know ‘bout you
But I think
The world is awesome

There are ups
And there are downs
And sometimes in-betweens

Maybe I won’t get to go golfing
On my B-day
But that’s okay
Because I have kinect golf

And most likely I’ll get to go to
East Coast Bagel
Or at least
Native foods
Chocolate bagels
Vegan (M)eats

I love
Sinking my teeth in to
Freshly cooked

Have you ever tried vegan meat
While I can assure you
You are in for one hell of a ride
The minute you sink your teeth into
An all vegan
Chicken run ranch burger
Your mind will blow
The flavor that you can get in a vegan burger
So good
A twister wrap will do the same
And so will a classic deli Ruben
I love food
I hope that this sounds as delicious as it tastes because
I love it

I like many things

I like this world

Cuz, now ya see
That the world really is an awesome place to be
Cuz now ya see
The world is awesome

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