Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Bags Were Packed

My Bags Were Packed

“I’m ready to leave!”
I told my mom
My bags were packed and ready to go
She wasn’t ready
In fact
Quite the opposite
She didn’t want to go
She wanted to stay
She liked my school
She still does
So do I
So did I
It wasn’t the school
It wasn’t the teachers
I actually really like the teachers there
It was this kid
Only one
We both hated each other
We both took part
I admit he’s not the only bully
We were both bullies
To each other
We didn’t bully anybody
But each other

Then something shifted
I don’t know what
But something changed

We still aren’t friends
We still don’t like each other
But we aren’t enemies
We’re just classmates

This is what keeps me here
The fact that
Things do get better
Yes they do
Things get better

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