Friday, January 16, 2015

A Dog Has Not Yet Died (response to "A Dog Has Died" by Pablo Neruda -

A Dog Has Not Yet Died (Oct. 2014)

My dog has not yet died
But that does not mean that she never will
It means that most likely “she won’t be dyin’ anytime soon”
But that is not a sure fact
She’s constantly busting out of the house
While my ipod makes sounds
Tearing across the street
As my heart pounds
Hunting cats and squirrels in driveways and backyards
As I call her name
And then when we catch her
She just wags her butt like it’s all a game
As I slowly catch my breath
And the thought of imminent death for my dog who just almost died instantly disappears
As my dog licks my face filling me full of her love and licking clean my fears

My dog has not yet died
My beloved dog who we do everything for
Who we love
My dog is still alive

No dog could ever replace my pretty, little, golden dog Poet who has not yet died
I named her Poet for the way she brings words like these to my mind
I love her
Like any boy should
And I know that she loves me too

How many days do I have left with my extremely lovable dog Poet who has not yet died
This is a question that I probably will never get the answer to
I never want to
I never need to
Because even if she does die
Her spirit will still live on in my heart
She will snuggle up
And she will give me all her love
Her presence will stay with me forever
For this Reason I will never have to bury my beloved dog Poet who has not yet died
I will not burn her for the ashes
I will not have a memorial
I will have nature do the honors
But she has not yet died
I do not have a dog who has died
I have a dog who is still alive

I love my dog who has not yet died
I love it when she slobbers love on my face

I can’t possibly explain my love for my beautiful dog Poet snuggled up in her bed
And having the knowledge that she is not yet dead

Her story isn’t finished
Since her lifespan has not yet diminished

I love her
She loves me
I love my beloved golden dog poet who has not yet died

That’s what matters most
I love my dog

That is everything

That is all

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